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When you apply to a university in the Netherlands, you are often required to provide a resume, or Curriculum Vitae, CV. It is a short autobiography where you tell to admission officers about yourself, your previous education, work and life experience, languages, and hobbies A professional and well-written CV is often the first and therefore essential part of the application procedure. Your CV is the first piece of information that the University you're applying to is receiving, so you need to make sure that you leave a good first impression. Keep in mind that an application officer will pay attention to a wide range of aspects and that he will be most capable about drawing conclusions himself whether you are fit for the program you're applying for While filling out the application form you will be asked to upload a CV. Although the application form refers to a curriculum vitae, at PPLE we ask you to provide us with a timeline of your educational background. We are not looking for a multipage CV as if you were to apply for a job position. The main purpose of the CV is to provide the PPLE Admissions Office with an overview of your educational background When it comes to a CV, every country has its own style and preferences; some countries insist on a photo, others your date of birth and some prefer to know your work history first, whilst others want to discover your educational credentials at a glance. Much like the Dutch themselves, a CV in the Netherlands should be to the point and concise. It should be factual and no more than two pages long. Dutch employers do like to see that you value your out of work time, so showing leisure.

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  1. You can write a profile at the top of the CV, just below your personal details. This profile tells the reader about your motivation and ambitions in 3 or 4 sentences. An effective profile conveys enthusiasm, leaving prospective employers in no doubt that you will be a motivated employee. Avoid descriptions that could apply to any applicant. Be brave enough to reveal who you really are and what makes you different. Your CV will be more convincing if you include a number of references.
  2. Write an appealing CV. Pay extra attention when choosing letter fonts and avoid dense writing. Use bullet points instead of long paragraphs. Dutch recruiters highly value extracurricular and leisure activities. Nevertheless, include only those that are relevant to the job you are applying for (e.g. being good in team sports reveals team spirit)
  3. Preparing your qualifications for your job application; Writing a Dutch CV. The CV you used back home might not be suitable in the Netherlands if it's not in the style of a Dutch CV. Like Dutch communication, your Dutch CV should be short and to the point, typically one page for an entry-level job and no more than two pages. Dutch employers also value work-life balance, so you need to dedicate space to extracurricular activities and leisure activites to show what you do outside work
  4. The Dutch CV is written with a clear, objective style, in chronological order and usually in just 1 page (A4 format). It basically consists of just facts and numbers. The reasons why the candidate is looking for a job and his or her skills for the position should be mentioned in the cover letter, not the CV. CVs should be printed and written in the third person
  5. Along with the right format, the correct formatting, hygiene of the document, US/UK English, action words, grammar, etc are the most important aspect of the CV/ resume that you will be submitting to the university. Even an incorrect alignment of bullets or extra line spacing can affect the whole appearance of the document. This, in turn, affects the readability of your draft. The more time taking your draft is, the less interesting the ADCOM becomes. Hence, it is important to.
  6. Job ads in the Netherlands are published generally in either English or Dutch. Always adapt your letter (and CV) to the language of the ad, even if you are a Dutch speaker applying for a job..
  7. If you are a non-EU/EEA national already living in the Netherlands, upload copies of both sides of your Dutch residence permit. Your CV (curriculum vitae) must be written in English and should contain your basic personal data, as well as a clear overview of your educational and professional history to date

How to write a Chronological CV in the Netherlands A chronological resume is a general CV that you upload on jobboards or send to recruitment agencies as an introduction to your career past. Below you'll find how the chronological CV is built up in Holland. If you are applying for a specific vacancy, it is reasonable to prepare a functional CV When writing your CV, place the most important information at the top. Often, this will include your education, employment history, and publications. You may also consider adding a personal statement to make your CV stand out. Within each section, list your experiences in reverse chronological order It would be very much appreciated if somebody could take a look at my CV for university application and suggest any corrections. Thank you . Everything looks lined up in my word document, I had a bit of trouble trying to copy it here... Personal details - name, surname, address, mobile phone, e-mail. Educatio

As the UCAS deadline is usually on or around 15 th January, it is possible to apply to Dutch universities after you have been all the way through the UCAS process and received offers from British universities. However, we would suggest that you do your research in to Dutch universities at the same time as you investigate British universities Leiden University Career Zone. Curriculum Vitae (CV) Make a good first impression! Employers need only a maximum of five seconds to gain a first impression and form an opinion on the basis of your CV. A well-structured CV provides an employer, at a glance, with a clear, logical and appealing picture of you. Make the most of this opportunity! Watch this video to learn more. CV DO's & DON'ts.

A Dutch curriculum vitae is a lot like the culture: direct and to the point. When comparing my American CV to my Dutch CV, the Dutch CV looks almost naked. Then again, my American CV looks over-the-top enthusiastic and self-promoting, almost exaggerated. So it's just a matter of perspective and what works. In the Dutch work environment. When applying for a specific vacancy we advice to use a functional Dutch CV especially if you think of switching careers. It is a resume which you create for the specific function. More about Functional Dutch CV. CV template. Download. CV check. CV Check. CV rewrite. CV Rewrite. Have your Dutch CV/ Resume checked or rewritten. Together Abroad now offers the CV Check and CV Rewrite service. European CV/résumés are often written in a similar style but getting it perfect for the market you are applying for is the key. As for the letter of motivation, although many people speak English, it is recommended to write your application in Dutch even if the position does not require it

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You will need to apply for these programmes through Studielink, the central university registration system of the Netherlands. Application is open from 1 October until 15 January. If the number of students who apply for a programme exceeds the number of available places, a selection procedure will take place between 15 January and 15 April. Applicants participating in the selection procedure. Writing a college application resume that's geared toward the school you want to attend can help you win over the admissions committee and earn you a spot in the accepted pile. Once you're in college, you can update and use the same resume to apply for internships and jobs for the next phase of your career. Like most resume writing, the most. Every international student applying for a Bachelor's programme have to provide the University of Twente proof of sufficient mastery of the English language. You can find the specific language requirements and options how to meet this requirement here. Example: English Language Test: Cambridge. Instructions: Please make sure to upload a clear copy of the official Cambridge certificate (back. A CV is just a plain record of all your accomplishments presented on a piece of paper (two at most.) Since you're applying to a prestigious university and the task is quite simple, it can be quite daunting, leading one to procrastinate it to the end. Once one finds enough motivation to begin the task, one notices that there isn't much to writing a CV. All it takes is a knack to present. academic's profile develops over time, the cv grows in length, serving as a comprehensive record of one's scholarly progress and history. A cv is generally used by those who have completed a master's or doctoral program, and who are interested in applying to academic positions, and post-doctoral fellowships

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The Europass CV is a standard CV template widely used in Europe. No matter you intend to study in Europe as an exchange, full-degree or PhD student, or even work while staying with us in Europe, the Europass CV will help you communicate in a compelling and concise manner your academic and work history The CV in Europe. If you're thinking about studying abroad or want to work in a European country, it'll be essential for you to be able to show your skills and abilities in an easy-to-understand way. You have to know there are differences among countries when talking about CVs. The same resume is not valid for all countries, and not only because of. The best-known CV format in Europe. The Europass CV is one of the best-known CV formats in Europe. It is easy-to-use and familiar to employers and education institutions. You will first have to create your Europass profile with information on your education, training, work experience and skills. After you complete your Europass profile, you can create as many CVs as you want with just a few. Interactive Seminar: Step by Step Study in Holland - Composing Resume/CV for Your University Application The deadline to apply via Studielink and complete your application file is 15 January 2021, 23:59 CET. You have to fill out an international classroom essay and upload a cv, certified statement of grades, supporting documents, and disclaimer in standard templates. Start your application on time. If you wait until the deadline to apply, you might be short in time to correct and/or complete your application. Our experience learns that it may take a few weeks to complete an application

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15 January application deadline. If you have to apply via Studielink, make sure you do so before 15 January 23:59 hours (CET). Max 2 applications For each academic year you can submit an application for a maximum of two numerus fixus programmes. The institution decides how many times you can participate in the selection of a specific programme Your home university must have nominated you for exchange to the University of Amsterdam. Your application file will not be reviewed if we do not receive nomination details from your home university. Step 2: Fill out the application including the required documents through our online porta

When applying for a scholarship, your CV (Curriculum Vitae or Resume) often works as the first evaluation filter in which you seeks to comply with the basic requirements of the call, that your experience is aligned with the program to which you want to apply and that you are a candidate with academic, professional and personal potential Apply. To apply to study with us, complete our online application form. The form will ask you some basic questions including your personal details, preferred programme and your education history, to help us assess your academic level. You do not have to complete the form all at once; you can save it at any point and return to it later

Step 1: Create an enrollment application in Studielink (the Dutch national education application system) Please note: Only if you already live in the Netherlands, you will need a DigiD. If you do not live in the Netherlands, please apply without a DigiD. If you live in The Netherlands you can apply for a DigiD Admission and application; Bachelor's degree programmes; Master's degree programmes; Chat with our ambassadors; Minor Programmes; A Broader Mind. Course; Longitudinal Survey; The Boardroom. Application; Experiences; Projects; Programme; Interdisciplinary Community Service Learning; Mixed Classroom; Network for Teaching and Learning; Plan for.

CVs are used when applying for academic, scientific, or research positions. International employers often use CVs as well. A CV is a comprehensive statement emphasizing: professional qualifications; education; experience; accomplishments; activities; special qualifications; A CV can vary from two pages to several pages. Professionals seeking academic positions and non-academic positions in science, higher education, research, and health care typically use a CV. It is also used to seek a. Ik solliciteer naar de functie van Standard formula for applying for a job. Currently I am working for and my responsibilities include. Op dit moment werk ik voor . Mijn werkzaamheden bestaan uit Used as an opening sentence to describe your current occupational status and what it involves No valid Dutch diploma The Colloquium Doctum is a special and strict admission procedure for prospective students who: Are not directly admissible to a university program because of their diploma. As per 1 September are 21 years or older; Have a Dutch educational background and have sufficient communication skills in Dutch. Contac

University of Technology Please be aware that we only will start to assess your application when your online application form has been submitted before the deadline, with upload of all required documents including proof of payment of the application fee. What you need to upload for a Bachelor program application Upload in Osiris: If you already have your High school diploma & final grades. -When creating your German CV, it is important to structure it in a way that is appears attractive to the eye of the reader - make your resume easy to look through. Recruiters usually don´t take more than 7-12 seconds to check if a candidate matches the job requirements - that´s the awful truth. Remember that a CV is your very own Marketing tool which supposed to show off your skills and experience AT FIRST GLANCE (think of a brochure of your professional life) What every internship application will ask for however is a CV, so it's important that you put an attractive internship CV together, to make sure you stand out to potential employers. Your internship CV should contain six main sections. Personal Details. There's a reason school teachers told you to write your name at the top of every sheet of paper so that you don't forget to put it.

The importance of presentation in your LLM CV. The format of your CV should reflect your intended audience. If you are applying to US employers, make sure your CV (called a resume in America) is presented in a US-friendly format. The same applies if you are applying to employers in the UK or in other parts of Europe or the world. Different countries have differing expectations around how long a CV should be, whether your education should come first or last, and if you should include your. There are some similarities between the admissions process for Dutch and British universities but it is safer to say there are also some major differences. 1. When do you apply? The admissions calendar usually opens in September or October for the following year. The closing date for submitting an application varies per course at a Dutch University. There are usually different deadlines for EU and non-EU applicants. Please see ou Why your goals are aligned with the company's ones. e.g. As a green consumer, I am totally aligned with your goals and policies. Why you derive satisfaction from the specific role. e.g. I regard it as a great opportunity to develop my strengths. How you fit to the culture of the company. e.g. When you're filling out your Bachelor's applications, you'll notice that universities and degree programmes will ask for additional materials, like writing samples, transcripts, CVs, and recommendations. And, more often than not, schools will ask for personal statements, or motivation letters CV Tips and rules: Length: A German CV does not need to be longer than two pages. Terminology: In Germany, a CV is called a Lebenslauf. CV Format, Order and Layout: Photo: Be sure to include a photo on your German CV. German recruiters and employers value professionalism, so make sure your photo is high-quality and work appropriate

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Just fill in the DAAD application form for Research Grants and Study Scholarships once you have made it clear which course of study is your first choice and which one is your second. For both university courses that you select, write a single letter of motivation, justifying your first and second option of priority. Send to the two universities of your choice the DAAD scholarship form along with the letter of motivation and accompanied with the necessary documents listed below. Don't. Application deadline: Starting in September EU students: 15th August non-EU students: 1st June*For students already living in the Netherlands and in possession of a residence permit the deadline is 15 August. Hanze Bachelor's Scholarship for Prince Claus Conservatoire. Covers This programme has a maximum capacity of 250 enrolled students and rolling admissions. The application form remains open until the 15 May or until the maximum number of applications has been submitted (whichever occurs first). Maximum number of submitted applications before the application closes Radboud University is a student-centered university in The Netherlands, active in almost all scientific fields. In an open climate and inspiring environment we challenge employees and students to push their boundaries

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Here are some general guidelines that will help you decide when to send a photo with your CV: YES, Include a Photo. European countries (except Ireland, UK, Netherlands and Sweden) China; Japan; Employers expect to see a photo included with the CV in these countries. In fact, your application might be ignored without one The Amsterdam Law School accepts the following tests and results: - TOEFL: minimum score 100 iBT with at least 25 for reading and listening skills and 24 for speaking and writing skills. - IELTS: minimum overall score of 7.0, with no individual results below 6.0. - A Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) certificate

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Applications for PhD study are different to other university courses. For one thing, you won't be applying to a course. Instead you'll be seeking to show that you're the right candidate to fill an advertised PhD position, or complete the research project you've proposed.. The articles here are designed to help you do that It can be used in CV's or when applying for university entry or even in workplaces. The primary objective of the statement of purpose is selling you to the reader for the purpose of winning whatever your application talks about. The aim of writing a personal statement is to differentiate you from other people in a similar application category leaving the reader with a great impression. The Dutch experiments found no differences in job offers between minority and majority candidates—regardless of whether their applications were treated anonymously . This finding could indicate that, even with standard applications, discrimination against minority and disadvantaged applicants occurs predominantly when deciding about interview invitations and might not be very substantial at. Studielink is the national application system used by all Dutch Universities. It is not possible to apply outside of this system. In Studielink you can apply for a maximum of 4 courses in total in the Netherlands. Your application will remain active for 8 weeks after creating your Studielink account. To keep it active after this period, you.

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I saw in several developed countries such as The Netherlands and Belgium, the mathematics degree-holders not only have many opportunities but also were cited as important scholar in their societies. As a student at XXXX Department faculty of XXX of XXX University, I had numerous opportunities to do many activities. From XXX to XXX I had chances to become a lecturer assistant in mathematics and. Studielink is open for applications for the academic year 2021-2022, you can submit your application. 15 January 2021: Early Application Deadline (assessment on a rolling basis) 1 April 2021: Ultimate deadline for non-EU/EEA-students who need a VISA or residence permit: 1 May 2021: Ultimate deadline for EU/EEA-student A CV is often longer, being as many pages as necessary to convey your experience and background, and is more appropriate in an academic context. If you're applying for grad school or for teaching work, a CV listing your full educational background and every job you've held may be more appropriate As we know that motivation letter is the most essential document that is compulsory while applying for scholarships, university, job, etc. So it is helpful for an aspirant and of course people searching for a job. As you are very well aware of Erasmus (or European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) is a student exchange program organized by the European Union. German HR departments expect that your CV will be Short and Simple. Recruiters usually 7 to 12 seconds read a CV to check if a candidate matches the job requirements. It's not a joke. A few seconds have an impact on Your job career. Write your CV - so that it fits the German standard! We have prepared a few tips. How to write/create an.

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Although not every graduate school asks for the same application materials, there are standards that are required almost everywhere: Nearly every application package includes a CV and cover letter as well as a transcript, a personal statement and an exposé of the dissertation project. Additionally, German graduate schools usually ask for letters of recommendation, written by a university. One or two page CV Research statement of 1500 words (See above) Degree transcript(s) issued by your university listing the exams/courses taken at university, grades/marks awarded and (if applicable) the final degree result. You should also attach your degree transcript(s) from previous degree(s). Do not attach or send supplementary documents. Beim CV gibt es große Unterschiede zwischen Europa und den USA: applying my experience as the co-founder of a student-run marketing firm and my Bachelor's degree in Media Sciences Sie nennt im Beispiel-CV nicht den genauen Namen der Position, auf die sie sich bewirbt, sondern sagt, wo sie generell hin möchte. Dies sollte natürlich mit der Stelle korrespondieren - bei einer. Motivation Letter For University/College: The letter of cover or the statement which is personal is also being termed as another word for the motivational letter.Coming to the letter of motivation, this letter includes each and every content regarding you and your past and your future goals and dreams, about the way you behave, that is your personality and behavior and also your field of interest Consequently, most Master's programmes will actually ask for your CV. The main exception is when you apply to an MBA, in which case most universities ask for your Resume. Check out Masters abroad. 2. Focus on your academic background. A golden rule of any Master's application CV is emphasising your academic achievements over the.

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Radboud University has a Guesthouse that is situated on campus on the Heyendaalseweg (Platolaan) and is intended for new staff, guest researchers, and guest lecturers from the Netherlands and abroad; it is particularly suitable for international guest researchers and lecturers. It forms part of a larger residential complex the Student Housing Association built in close consultation with the. Netherlands. Job field Marketing End Date--CURRENT VACANCY 1. Account Manager - Distributive Trade. Sri Lanka. Job field Customer Development End Date--CURRENT VACANCY 2021 Graduate Finance Program. United States of America. Job field Finance End Date--CURRENT VACANCY 2023卒カスタマーディベロップメント職インターンシップ選考 . Japan. Job field Customer Development. You might also find motivation letters for university applications being called personal statement letters. But a motivation letter is not the same as a personal statement. The difference is in how long the letter is supposed to be and its intention. Usually, personal statements are more personal and refer to the past, while motivation letters have personal elements, but are focused on future.

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Come study in Germany!. Germany, the largest economy in the European Union and third in the world, is home to some of the most renowned researchers of the history, like Albert Einstein, Max Planck or Alexander von Humboldt, just to mention a few of them.Germany is also a highly popular educational destination among students from other states of the European Union as well as from outside Europe Specifying this knowledge is very important for e.g. international applications, but given the ever-increasing economic globalisation it is recommended in any event to mention the languages you know on your curriculum vitae. How do I mention language knowledge on CV´s? The best way to indicate language knowledge on CV´s is by using a table or diagram. In this way the reader immediately sees. For most jobs in the US, you hand in a typical application via e-mail or sometimes by snail mail. For this purpose, you need to prepare several documents: Your resume or CV is often read (or scanned) first. The HR manager is often very busy and doesn't take much time to search for in-depth information. On average, you have 30 to 60 seconds to make a good first impression. Your cover. Like I said about the Dutch CV, the cover letter is also rather direct and I try to avoid using a lot of overly-enthusiastic American-style language. But this does not in any way mean that you shouldn't express your enthusiasm for the position you are applying for. What it does mean is that the way you go about doing that will be a little different. I'll be the first to admit that my own.

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This candidate does that by writing a powerful personal statement which summarises all of the skills they have picked up in university, work placements, and personal projects. It's short, sharp and punchy, which makes it an interesting read, and it's heavily tailored to the needs of the candidate's target employers, by including plenty of relevant terms and key words Then you will need to submit a letter from your higher education institute, stating that the curriculum was completely taught in English. You obtained a Dutch VWO high school diploma. Exemptions can only be confirmed once the MBA Admissions Committee has received and reviewed your full application file Writing an effective personal statement for a Master's or PhD application for a university abroad is probably one of the most important steps of your application process abroad. It represents both a chance for you to introduce yourself to the admission committee of the institution, but also to present your thesis or research goals you plan to achieve during your studies. Read key tips for understandin

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CV samples for work in Denmark. When searching for work in Denmark it is important to do as the Danes do and provide information in the style as expected by HR people in Denmark. We have collected some CV/resume samples here. All samples we have found are in Danish, but which you can easily translate with google translate. Denmark-style CV samples in English don't seem to be much en vogue, which might be a signal that it is best to apply in Danish. Who knows Postgraduate Accounting and Finance Personal Statement (Mature Student) As a senior student at the Management School in Jinan University, one of the oldest key national universities in China, I will graduate in 2010 with a diploma. However, I believe that will not be the end of my academic life.. Your academic CV needs to consist of a detailed subject breakdown of your University undergraduate and postgraduate (if applicable) degrees. Many applicants also include a brief summary of their GCSE and A Level results, this is not mandatory and should only be included if you feel it is in any way relevant to your application

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Step 1. Prepare a summary. Now, before actually starting to write your motivation letter, it is a very bright idea to summarise the main points that you will be focusing on. In many cases, this step also includes conducting thorough research based on the Masters study course and university you are applying for Include a technical skill section in your CV to list skills such as: driver's licences; languages; computer programmes. Examples of writing about personal skills in your CV In a skills-focused CV, list the skills from the job advertisement with examples of how you've used those skills. This should be at the top of your CV. Strong communication skill Your CV should only contain information relevant to your potential employer. So that means, what should be in your cv can differ per application. However, the bare minimum of details on your cv should at least include; Personal details Of course, your new employers should be able to contact you for a job interview. Therefore, you always start by mentioning your full name and email address and (mobile) phone number. Also mention your place of residence and address, as an employer might prefer. The university I'm at now, applying to the program even as a Masters student will usually get you rejected, unless a particular prof is taking you on. Often having a prof there who is willing to.

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